Sunday, November 29, 2009







D-Will not ever De friend me!!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My family

I love my family they help me do the right things when i have done wrong!But my sweet parents do the most for me and help me and come up with the right things for me and they tell me what is right for me and wrong for me!But most of all i love them to death!
My sister are sometimes a pain in the butt but i love them so much they are very god like and my older sis Mckenna is in 6th grade and she very smart and pretty!
My sister Avery is younger then me she is in 2nd grade and she is a big pain but i do love her like every body else in my family!She short pretty hair and she is a big wolf lover!
My other sis Quinn is 2 and she is so funny she has curled short hair and she love Dora and Elmo!!!
That is almost all about my family but that is not all their is to tell believe me there really there is more!!


I just got hit with a cup of hot water and it did not feel good at all!!!!!!!It hurt much badder than sunburn!!!!!!!! but anyway i will try to write every day but if i don't SORRY!!!!!Well BYEEEEE.